Peace out 2018…

HAPPY NEW YEAR from La Junta!!

We sincerely thank you for another year of your strong support and sweet friendship. You all continue to amaze and enrich our lives as we grow, morph and shift while on our mission to create spaces for our community of good people to gather in the name of good music. We’re so, so grateful to you for attending our events, booking us to deejay, and trusting us to produce and curate musical programs. Most of all, thank you for having fun with us! 

And we certainly had fun on New Year’s Eve, right?! Below are the photos the PIÑA NYE Celebration at El Dorado. With so many fantastic parties happening in Los Angeles, we were definitely grateful and blessed that so many of you came out to join us. In fact, we unexpectedly hit capacity. Much love and respect to our guest performers–AL JACKSON, GARFIELD ADAMS and SAMBA ROYALE feat. NICOLEA PETTIS–for sharing their wonderful talent. Extra thanks as well, to the Soul Children’s mcdj1One aka ALEX BURLEY for holding down the mic duties in the main room.

Thank you for coming looking beautiful and dapper, and dancing your booties off all night long! As always, like, tag and share! We’ll see you back at El Dorado for the first PIÑA of the year on Friday, January 11th!

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