pictured L-R, La Junta Crew: Degruvme, Prescilla, Yukicito & Glenn Red.
photo by Artcluv Images.

LA JUNTA, or ‘the gathering’ in Spanish, began as a biweekly summer event bringing together people of all backgrounds in the name of friendship, dancing, and deep music from points all across the globe. Eventgoers are treated to sun-kissed afternoons on a rooftop high above the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, nestled comfortably in cabanas until the mix of cool breezes, music, food, libations, smiles, and camaraderie lead everyone onto the dance floor.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, our resident deejays take music lovers on a tropical sojourn to Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Africa, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, India and back to the underground clubs of our own American metropolises. Alongside the selectors, guest musicians, dance ensembles, and visual artists collaborate in unison to create a spirited outing for the musically adventurous and fun-loving folks in attendance.

La Junta rooftop parties happen on the last Sunday of each month, April thru September. Enjoy our Summer 2018 Kickoff promo video!

video by Bracero.LA