pictured L-R, La Junta Crew: Glenn Red, Yukicito, Prescilla C & Degruvme.
photo by Seshnz LA.

“LA JUNTA”–a Spanish translation of ‘the gathering’–serves as both the widely popular brand name of Los Angeles outdoor cultural celebrations that feature tropical Afro-Latin music, and as the moniker of the four-person team that produces the series and other related deejay/live music events.

Resident selectors Degruvme, Yukicito and Glenn Red–whose respective ethnic heritages begin in Mexico, Japan and the Philippines–together create a rich pastiche of tropical dance music celebrated for its unique balance of vintage and cutting edge sounds. Music lovers, fervent dancers and casual listeners alike will find themselves on an irresistible musical sojourn across Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, India, and through our stateside metropolises, all while the seamless blending of rhythms, food and sunshine conjure big smiles and even bigger dance moves.

Our first show of Summer 2019 happens on Sunday, May 26th!!   Check out the flyer and details here on the dedicated event page.  If you’ve never been and want to see what our summer parties are all about, below is the promo video from last year’s kickoff. We’d love to see you there!!

video by Bracero.LA