Movements at Union Station Video

Hi, Everyone!

Did we forget to post our pics from our event atUnion Station?!  NO WAY, JOSE!! Nah, we just eased up on hitting the social channels for a week or so, but the pics are here!  Check ’em out at

La Junta would like to thank the planning and production team at Metro Art for inviting us as one of three deejay collectives to take over the South courtyard of LA’s historic Union Station this summer.  It was an honor and huge highlight of our year!  Genuine gratitude as well to our friend and world-class guest deejay, Jose Marquez, who took over for our own La Junta Sound System deejays and continued to light up Union Station with a 90-minute set of the finest deep and rhythmic Afro-Latin house music.  Much love to everyone who came and got down with us all evening long (and at our Piña after-party!).  Special thanks to Redemption Fotography for the video capture and to our own Yukicito and Prescilla for the photo set.  Like, tag and please share far and wide!
La Junta (David, Glenn, Prescilla & Yuki)