This is Us

Hey, Everyone!

We’ve been anxiously awaiting our “This Is Us” video.  It’s an 8-minute mini-doc which we’ve been sitting on a few months while we’ve been running around doing the headless chicken thing this summer.  More amazing work by our visual media partners at Bracero LA…Thanks for checking it out!!
BIG THANK YOU’s go to the following friends and artists who allowed us to film them saying nice things about us!:
Hector Flores & Leah Rose Gallegos (Las Cafeteras)
Diosa Femme & Mala Muñoz (Locatora Radio)
Natalie Dunbar
Alejandro Araujo (La Chamba)
Yuka (BuyePongo)
DJ Phatrick (Motown On Mondays LA)
Tom Nguyen (EnClave LA)
Vanna Mae Art

Much love to the artists who let us use their music in the background:

La Chamba

Of course, deepest gratitude to Don Chente DTLA and the Los Angeles Theater Center for opening the spaces that made this shooting of this video possible.

We hope you find yourself dancing in it!  We see you regardless! <3

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