¡¡Muchas Gracias, Tucson!!

And a happy Week 51 to everyone!  La Junta are back from a fun, wonderful, and inspiring trip to Tucson, AZ.  It was our first time performing as a crew outside of California, having accepted a gracious invitation to do an unprecedented deejay crew takeover of Tucson’s signature Latin music event, El Tambó.  Meeting the Tambó familia, sharing the music we love and celebrating life with so many good people of Tucson were definitely the highlights of our journey.  It was a true honor to be part of an event that operates with exactly the same ethos in terms of music, community and celebration as our own.
We were also let in on the secret that everyone there knows: Tucson is an amazing place!  In the short time that we stayed and in the limited amount of ground that we covered, their city showed us beautiful art in just about every space that we visited, amazing views of nature, fantastic food (and beer!) and friendly, interesting people.  We fell in love with Tucson and can’t wait to return!

La Junta wish to thank everyone in Tucson whom we met and made us feel so welcome, especially Dirtyverbs, Quiahui, Jackie, Q and Humble Lianess of El Tambó, and the staff at Hotel Congress.  Shout outs as well to our LA familia that drove out to join us all the way in AZ: Paloma, Unholy LA, Aldo, Maria; and to degruvme’s AZ cousins Alma and Leticia their homie Susana who drove a few hours to dance with us!  We’ll see you all again in Tucson!!

La Junta
(Prescilla, David, Glenn & Yuki)