A night through the eyes of Miz Honey P, your hostess and friend.

September 10, 2021 – PIÑA Presents La Junta Y Amigos!

Piña was definitely a perrea of a pari at @LaCitabar this past Friday.  La Junta brought musicians, DJs and producers all under one roof. The crowd was so elevated from the music that circles opened up on the dancefloor.

Alongside all our DJs we had @SonidoSolido38 & @19Garay88 making the congas sing all night long. @gingeeworld played alongside @glennzenn10, @izzy_wise & @yukicito traded selections and killed it with their flute action (see images here).

@QViolin then joined Yukicito, performing their new single together—a cumbia cover of Prince’s ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ sung in Spanish…like WHAT! Then @degruvme jumped on stage with QVLN to perform their remix of ‘Georgia’—a Spanglish cumbia cover of the Ray Charles classic.

@Chaboi_Aztlan of Late Night Laggers came in hard with a Moombahton set that had everyone shaking their asses while Degruvme weaved his own hard-edged tunes into the mix ! @MamiSandunga joined in and sang her hit ‘Batimami’ making the crowd sing along with her, “VIP la champagnia pa cuando!”

I was so excited about this night that it really got my wheels turning…..hence this new page that will allow me to tell you from my eyes what I saw and felt. This night definitely created new memories, friendships and maybe even your future partner.

Check out some of the video highlights from the night below.